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Meet Rojas

Constellation Mentor

"I spent many years looking for something without knowing quite what that something was. I knew however that it was unfound, rather than missing, so remained patient and sure enough in 2002 I came across the Constellation. I knew then, on that first occasion as a participant, while gaining the necessary insight for my own spiritual momentum, as I do now as a facilitator, that it is the perfect medium for positive change."

"I don‘t consider the constellation as work, it feels like such a natural environment for me to be in, and anyway I don’t do any particular thing. The group and especially the energy do all the work" "I guess you could describe it as being like a conductor to an orchestra. I facilitate for the energy created, I don’t produce it or dictate it, and that is all that is needed."

"Members of the group often find that they are unconsciously expressing feelings and behaviour that are not their own and that they are instead, born from generations that precede them. They are acting out patterns that don’t belong to them. This can be from Mothers, Fathers, Uncles Aunts, Grandparents and even Great­ Grandparents."

"Once this is discovered by the participant within the group scenario, the letting go of, what after all is not their problem, becomes simple. The detachment towards past situations and predicaments not of their own making, simply take place."

Meet Ria

Registered Cranio-sacral Therapist

Ria has been an holistic practitioner since 1990 and she has trained in many fields such as cranio-sacral therapy, reflexology, psychotherapy & counselling, iridology, hypnotherapy, Bach flowers, crystal healing, TT and nutrition. Ria focuses on the underlying causes of disease rather than treating symptoms alone. She has been a certified therapist since 1996 and has developed an extensive practice dedicated to creating total wellness and self-empowerment based on the body, mind, soul connection.

"Integrated Energy Therapy has become an important part of my practice. I have developed a unique method which combines this miracle energy with my Cranio-Sacral therapy. Anyone guided to use IET will discover themselves moving forward on their life's path with greater ease and a renewed sense of empowerment."