So what can Tai Chi offer you? There are many health benefits possible through serious practice of Tai Chi. If you suffer from any of the following symptoms then Tai chi could be just what you need.

                   High blood pressure - Stress - Sleeping Disorders - Muscular Tension.

Some of the most common benefits are:

    All muscles of the body are evenly toned

    Co-ordination, balance, flexibility, agility and general mobility of all joints are improved.

    Hypertension is reduced, usually within a few weeks.

    Many patients referred by GPs while suffering from depression have shown rapid improvement. Some have

    been resolved within months having been taking medication for more than two years.

    Migraine sufferers are often relieved of their symptoms.

If you currently study a martial art, then Tai chi can compliment other styles by adding a different approach, physically and mentally to your current system. Any external martial art should really be accompanied by an internal martial art such as Tai Chi to achieve balance in the bodily systems.

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Tai Chi

Tai Chi Kung can be roughly translated as "The Supreme Ultimate Fist". It has it's roots firmly in traditional martial arts and is not just a "pretty exercise". Devoting time, effort and practice, can lead to the merging of the physical and mental to create a harmonious oneness. Created by Taoists, it's basis is following the philosophy of nature’s way. It has been practiced in China since the Liang Dynasty (502 - 557 A.D.) and in recent times we have seen it's popularity spread to the western world.


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