Ria has been an holistic practitioner since 1990 and she has trained in many fields such as cranio-sacral therapy, reflexology, psychotherapy & counselling, iridology, hypnotherapy, Bach flowers, crystal healing, TT and nutrition. Ria focuses on the underlying causes of disease rather than treating symptoms alone. She has been a certified therapist since 1996 and has developed an extensive practice dedicated to creating total wellness and self-empowerment based on the body, mind, soul connection.

"Integrated Energy Therapy has become an important part of my practice. I have developed a unique method which combines this miracle energy with my Cranio-Sacral therapy. Anyone guided to use IET will discover themselves moving forward on their life's path with greater ease and a renewed sense of empowerment."

Natural Health &

Relaxation Centre

Phone: 950 333 048

Mobile: 670 356 370

Location: Roquetas de Mar (Almeria)

Ria Vervliet

Naturopata - Terapeuta Craneosacral

Col. COFENAT No. 4243, Col. AETCB No. 73