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Cranio-Sacral Therapy

By Ria

At the centre of the brain there are hollow spaces that empty and fill, fill and empty, day in, day out in a gentle rhythm which can be felt anywhere on the body — The Cranio Sacral Rhythm. The spaces are called Ventricles and what they fill with is a filtrate of blood called Cerebral Spinal fluid. This fluid surrounds the brain and spinal cord and is contained in a tough waterproof bag of membrane called Dura.

The bones of the skull are firmly attached to this Dural membrane and so move with the Cranio Sacral Rhythm. You can’t see this movement because it is in a hundredths of a millimetre and quite slow, between 7 and 14 cycles per minute, but you can feel it with your hands once you have been trained.

The Cranio Sacral Rhythm radiates out from this core by way of the Facia, a thinner membrane, which wraps everything in the body, every organ, every blood vessel, every nerve is wrapped in Facia and it too is connected to the Dura. So the whole body gently moves with the ebb and flow of the Cranio Sacral Rhythm.

It is easier to understand the Facia if you think of it as being like the thin plastic bags in the fruit and vegetable shop. If you have ever accidentally rubbed the wrong end of one of these bags, you will know that the I wrinkles and creases stay in the plastic leaving an imprint of your fingers. The Facia, like the plastic bag has memory. A plank of wood falling on your shoulder when you were eleven would have left an imprint in your Facia. In Cranio Sacral terms this is called an Energy Cyst. The Energy Cyst would have naturally released itself as it healed. If it didn’t completely release it would very subtly restrict the movement of the Facia and flow of Cerebral Spinal fluid. This Energy Cyst may remain unnoticed for many years but like a rock in a stream it will eventually gather sediment around it. At first you will feel an occasional pain. The possible end result could be continual pain and then eventual loss of mobility.

The Cranio Sacral System reflects everything within it. Like a flat white sheet on a bed, if one corner is slowly tugged it will be reflected in the whole sheet. Folds and creases will radiate from the restricted corner. The pillows and blankets on the surface will start to move.

When the Cranio Sacral therapist puts their hands on a person’s body they can feel all the twist and turns in the Cranio Sacral System. It would be like putting your hands in a lake and being able to sense everything that is happening in the lake, the fish swimming, the eddies and undercurrents formed by a submerged tree, the turbulence at the mouth of the river.

You may come into the clinic of a Cranio Sacral Therapist with pain in your knee but with the Cranio Sacral Therapist’s skill they will be able to feel that the origin of the pain is the damaged shoulder of years ago. They will treat the root of the pain. This is one of the reasons that Cranio Sacral Therapy is able to treat so many seemingly diverse conditions.