Bach Flowers Emotional Wellness Questionnaire

Please answer the questions below indicating how you think they apply to you. I’m sorry that there are quite a lot of them so maybe you want to get a coffee or tea before you start.

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1. Do you have vague, unexplainable fears?
2. Do you get anxious and distressed for no apparent reason?
3. Do you wake up feeling that something bad may happen?
4. Are you often overwhelmed by your work?
5. Do you tend to take on more than you can handle?
6. Do you feel that you have enormous responsibilities?
7. Have you lost hope that you will recover from an illness?
8. Do you feel it is useless to seek further help for your problems?
9. Have you given up hope that things will change for the better?
10. Are you in a relationship you cannot break away from?
11. Is it difficult to let go of the past to start something new?
12. Have there been past shocks or traumas in your life?
13. Have there been past shocks or traumas in your life?
14. Do you feel as if you haven't fully recovered from them?
15. Do you feel that you have reached the limits of your endurance?
16. Do you suffer from mental anguish and deep despair?
17. Do you feel that the burden of life is to much to bear?
18. Do you feel you could have done a better job?
19. Do you often blame yourself for other peoples mistakes?
20. Do you set high standards for yourself?
21. Are you hard on yourself when you don't meet those standards?
22. Are you dissatisfied with your current position in life?
23. Have you tried many different, unsatisfying jobs?
24. Do you want to change careers, but can't decide on what to do?
25. Do you often dwell in memories of the past?
26. Are there many things you have never had the opportunity to do?
27. Do you reminisce about the good old days?
28. Do you become gloomy and depressed for no reason?
29. Does this depression feel like a dark cloud surrounding you?
30. Do you find that this depression ends for no apparent reason?
31. Do you find yourself apathetic and indifferent toward life?
32. Are you resigned to your current circumstances?
33. Do you feel that you have given up and don't care anymore?
34. Do you tirelessly struggle despite opposition and delays?
35. Do you always complete what you do despite the challenges?
36. Do you work hard and neglect your own needs?
37. Do you fear losing control of your mind or body?
38. Do you have impulses to do things you know are wrong?
39. Do you fear losing control and hurting someone?
40. Do you feel unclean or ashamed over something you did?
41. Do you feel that you need to change your physical appearance?
42. Are you compulsive about cleanliness?
43. Are you preoccupied with pimples and blemishes?
44. Are you troubled by persistent unwanted thoughts?
45. Do you have frequent mental arguments?
46. Do you have difficulty sleeping due to mental chatter and worry?
47. Do you look for what is wrong with people?
48. Do other people's habits annoy you?
49. Are you critical of people who don't meet your standards?
50. Do you have very strong opinions?
51. Do you often try to convince others that you are right?
52. Are you easily incensed by injustices?
53. Do you tend to always teach and philosophize?
54. Are you suspicious of other peoples motives?
55. At times are you spiteful, envious, jealous or vengeful?
56. Do you sometimes lack warmth or compassion toward others?
57. Do you tend to take charge in what you're involved with?
58. Do you expect other people to do what you say?
59. In extreme situations, do you order people around?
60. Do you worry about the health and safety of your family?
61. Do you fear something bad may happen to those close to you?
62. Does your over-concern and worry cause you distress?
63. Do you lose patience when things move too slowly for you?
64. Do you often rush and hurry from one thing to another?
65. Do you need to work alone because others can't keep up?
66. Do you feel that life has been unfair or unjust to you?
67. Are you resentful and bitter to those who treat you poorly?
68. Do you feel unappreciated for your efforts?
69. Do you feel others not as deserving have gained?
70. Are you drained from a recent illness or ordeal?
71. Do you tire easily with no reserve energy to enjoy the day?
72. Do you feel so tired that even the least effort is exhausting?
73. Do you often want someone to listen to your troubles?
74. Do you need to steer the conversation to your interests?
75. Do others avoid talking to you because you talk a lot?
76. Do you feel that you have a mission to accomplish?
77. Do you adhere to a strict religious or social code of living?
78. Do you make an example of yourself for others to follow?
79. Do you feel that you would rather stay in bed than go to work?
80. Do you feel unable to tackle your job?
81. Do you find that once you've started you can easily finish a task?
82. Do you repeat the same mistakes and fail to learn from them?
83. Do you find it necessary to go over things you already know?
84. Is there a reoccurring situation which you want to overcome?
85. Do you avoid burdening others with your problems?
86. Do you often give in to others to avoid a quarrel or argument?
87. When troubled do you drink alcohol to feel better?
88. Are you easily imposed upon because you like to help others?
89. Is it difficult for you to say no when asked for help?
90. Do you often neglect your own needs in order to care for others?
91. Do you lack confidence in making your own decisions?
92. Do you ask for advice even when you know what you want?
93. Do you get confused after asking for advice?
94. Do you know what's best for other people?
95. Do you direct other peoples lives?
96. Do you feel unappreciated by those you care for?
97. Are you absent-minded, or does your mind easily wander?
98. Do you often daydream and wish you were somewhere else?
99. Do you frequently doze off, regardless of where you are?
100. Are you easily discouraged when things don't go your way?
101. Are you annoyed with small delays and hindrances?
102. Is it hard for you to start over again after encountering difficulties?
103. Do you have specific fears you can identify?
104. Are you shy and easily frightened?
105. When frightened, do you become nervous and paralysed?
106. Do you suffer from extreme terror?
107. Do you tend to panic and become hysterical?
108. Are you troubled by nightmares?
109. Do you suffer from indecision and uncertainty?
110. Do you have difficulty choosing between one thing and another?
111. Do you experience extreme mood swings?
112. Do others find you aloof, prideful and at times condescending?
113. Do you wish other people would leave you alone?
114. Are you self-reliant and prefer to spend your time alone?

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