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CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle healing technique that can address a variety of health concerns.  Here are 5 reasons why CranioSacral Therapy (CST) may be the answer you seek for your health issue:

1.  Discover the healing power of your inner wisdom:


CranioSacral Therapy (CST)  is a simple, direct way of accessing your own inner wisdom and the body's innate healing mechanism. Your sub-conscious inner wisdom leads and directs the session, which is the central premise of this modality.  Once a therapist has completed an assessment, his or hers next step is to pay close attention and note what is going on in your body.  The therapists' hands respond accordingly and are guided to what has been shown.  For the therapist it is a case of listening to the body and following with the hands.

2.  It uses a combined mind, body and spirit approach:


CST works on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person.  Each session is unique, which means any one of these aspects, or combination of these aspects, can appear in a session. For example, sometimes a client may have a sense of a headache that is in response to an emotional trigger, but can't quite identify it. With CranioSacral Therapy, clients are provided the opportunity to feel how and where their tissue is holding tension as the emotional trigger shows up. Often, it is one of those "ah ha" moments when a connection is made between a physical ailment and an emotional trigger!

3.  A therapy for all age groups:


CranioSacral Therapy can be received from the time of conception and onwards, including support of the dying process. This is one of the beauties of CST.  It can also be of great help during pregnancy.   CranioSacral Therapy during pregnancy helps the body to more easily adapt to the rapid changes taking.

4.  CST complements Western and Alternative medical approaches:


Any other form of treatment a client is receiving can be combined with CranioSacral Therapy. For example, I have successfully treated people who are undergoing chemotherapy, surgery or dental work. CranioSacral Therapy helps the body to find its most efficient way of healing after surgery. It is often when the acute phase of healing is over that the tissue needs a reminder that it no longer needs to hold on to the trauma of what has gone before, and can let go of the work it has been doing to contain it.  

5.  It's flexible:


Clients can work as intensively as they like. Treatments can be received daily, weekly, monthly or as one personally decides, though rarely more than a handful of sessions are needed for a particular issue. Generally,  CranioSacral Therapy is routinely carried out on a massage table but it can just as easily be done in water.


Overall CranioSacral Therapy is a highly effective light-touch therapy that works with the source of pain and dysfunction and the whole body simultaneously.  Now that you have more information about this noninvasive healing technique, you can decide if it's the answer for your health issue.   I encourage you to give it a try and let me know the results!


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