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Passive gymnastics

Our centre is now equipped with six Shapemaster toning tables. Each table exercises a different muscle group.  These exercises require little physical effort and therefore do not produce muscle fatigue.

Therapeutic value:

Exercising by means of toning tables is ideal for people of any age. Especially for people that for different reasons, not can incorporate physical exercise, such as aerobics, weights, cardiovascular etc., into their daily life.

The therapeutic value that these tables bring, is that they increase blood circulation, increase agility, and increase the flexibility of joints. It is a good way to deal with everyday stress, since after each session you will feel more vibrant and more relaxed. In most cases, those who cannot do physical exercises because of medical problems (backaches or others), can follow this treatment without any problem. Even those who suffer from arthritis have seen a noticeable improvement.

These toning tables can relieve the following ailments:

Good health and a good physical condition are mainly a question of good food and enough exercise. We offer you an exercise programme that you can follow easily.


Toning Tables

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